According to the tradition inhabited in this house, Don Sancho Jimeno de Orozco, important knight Vizcaino, who was sergeant major of the province and occupied the position of Interim Governor. Defend the city of Cartagena during the year 1697. Today Don Sancho House restored judiciously, offers an unforgettable experience of good taste for those who stay in it. Its privileged location allows to cross the happy and colorful streets of the city, discover the cultural sensitivity of its people and feel the unique magic that identifies Cartagena.


It is essential the creativity added to the elegance to deliver a unique and differentiated event that meets your expectations. That is why those moments, intimate and memorable, that are carried throughout life, hold special significance in Casa Don Sancho. We also organize your business meetings with the highest level of demand and excellent service.

It is necessary to mention that we have an exquisite menu and that we can also prepare dishes according to the tastes and preferences of our guests. Also, mention that we have a full-time chef specialized in Mediterranean and typical cuisine.

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